Chipping Campden, Tourist Guide to a Cotswold Gem

Chipping Campden is a small market town within the Cotswold district (Area of Natural Beauty, AONB) of Gloucestershire, England. Campden is famous for its elegant terraced honey-coloured High Street, dating from the 14th century to the 17th century. 'Chipping' is an old English word for a market.

A rich wool trading centre in the Middle Ages, Chipping Campden enjoyed the patronage of wealthy wool merchants. Chipping Campden is as ever a popular Cotswold tourist destination with gastronomic inns, classical elegant spa-hotels, specialist shops and top grade restaurants. The High Street is lined with honey-coloured limestone buildings, also known as Cotswold stone, and boasts some of the finest architecture in the Cotswolds. At its centre stands the Market Hall with its splendid arches, built in 1627, and represents the heart of Chipping Campden as a market town.

Other attractions within Campden include the wool church of St James and extravagant 17th century monuments to local wealthy silk merchant Sir Baptist Hicks and his family. The Almshouses and Woolstaplers Hall. The Court Barn, near the church, has been converted into a fine museum which now celebrates the rich and historical "Arts and Crafts" movement. Sir Hicks was also responsible for "Campden House", which was destroyed by fire during the English Civil War. All that now remains of Hicks' once magnificent estate are two imposing gatehouses, two Jacobean banqueting houses.

As expected in the Cotswolds old estates and historic gardens can be find nearby at Hidcote Manor Garden and Kiftsgate, which is in private ownership but open to the public.

The information contained within this Chipping Campden information guide is only an overview of the available activities in and around Chipping Campden and the Cotswolds area. Visitors to the Cotswolds would benefit their experience by booking a private Cotswold Tour, as the Cotswolds is a vast area and contains many hidden gems in villages and market towns. Known world-wide as Chipping Campden market town of some repute, Campden has many fascinating aspects to discover on your travels.

Is should be stated that the town is Chipping Campden and not to be confused with the borough located in London known as Camden, so NOT "Chipping Camden".

chipping campden (not chipping camden) is a small market town within the cotswold district (area of natural beauty, aonb) of gloucestershire, england. campden is famous for its elegant terraced honey-coloured high street

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